Some children are quite content to make their own fun in the swimming pool, but others might need some encouragement or risk getting bored. So here’s Nine ways you can make swimming more interesting for your kids.

1. Play the mirror game

The mirror game can be played by everyone. First, get into twos and stand opposite each other. One of you does an action and your partner has to try and copy it, just like you are looking in a mirror. You can try pulling faces, swimming side to side, dipping underwater and lots more. Swap over after a couple of minutes and keep taking it in turns.

2. Practice swimming underwater

The underwater bridge game is a great way to practice swimming underwater. Stand in a star shape creating a ‘bridge’ with your legs wide. Let your kids try to swim through your legs. If they find it easy, try two people standing with their legs open and see if they can swim through both.

3. Balance on floats

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