Dive into Summer: A Guide to Caring for Your Swimwear

Swimsuits are one of the most essential items to bring along when going on a summer holiday, but they are also one of the most delicate and can easily get damaged by various factors. Chlorine, sun cream, sand, and exposure to sunlight can all lead to fading, staining, and misshaping of swimwear. Therefore, it is essential to know how to take good care of your swimwear to keep it looking fresh and new for many summers to come.

Firstly, rinse your swimsuit straight away after using it by dipping it into warm water to remove chlorine, salt, sand, sun lotion, and other contaminants. Never put your swimsuit into a washing machine. Instead, use your hands to gently wash the swimwear. If you must use a washing machine, use a laundry bag to protect it and use a delicate cycle. Also, make sure to only use detergent for delicate fabrics to avoid damage.

Avoid stretching or wringing the swimsuit after washing it. This can cause the elastic fibers to break, and the fabric may lose its shape. When drying the swimwear, avoid drying it in the sun as this can cause the colors to fade. Instead, air dry your swimsuit on a rack or hang it somewhere out of the sun. It is also vital to alternate between swimsuits, avoiding wearing the same one twice in 24 hours. Lycra fabric requires 24 hours to dry and regain its shape; this will prevent your swimsuit from bagging and stretching.

Take care where you sit when wearing a swimsuit; the edges of pools or rough surfaces can pick or run the swimsuit material resulting in it wearing out faster. In addition, avoid wearing swimsuits in hot tubs as the hot water and bromine can cause fading and rapid stretching of the material. Finally, avoid contact with oil-based products such as sun creams and lotions. These products can cause the swimsuit's elasticity to break down, leading to stretch marks and losing their original shape.

Following these tips will ensure your swimsuit stays looking new for longer, allowing you to enjoy it for many more summers. Remember, investing in a new bathing suit means investing time and effort in taking good care of your swimwear. So, make sure to rinse, hand wash or use a laundry bag for machine washes, alternate your suits, be mindful of what surfaces you sit on, and avoid hot tubs and contact with oil-based products.