Steps to Take Care For Your Swimwear

When treating yourself to some gorgeous new swimwear for your next holiday, everyone expects it to last more than one summer. But all the chlorine, sun cream and exposure to sunlight can be damaging to your swimwear and leave it stained, faded or misshapen. To ensure that you maximize the life of your swimsuit you must take proper care of it. So here are a few handy tips to keep your swimwear fresh and ready for your next getaway.

Always Rise

When you finish your day by the pool or at the beach, pop your bathing suit straight into the sink or bath for a rinse in warm water to remove the chlorine, salt water, sand, suntan lotion and other contaminants.

Hand Wash

Swimwear is delicate so do not put it into the washing machine. Always hand wash it. If you have to put it in the washing machine, then use a laundry bag to protect it and use a delicate cycle, and always use detergent for delicate fabrics.

Do Not Stretch or Wring

Never wring the water out of swimwear after washing it, or stretch the material too much. Once the elastic fibers are broken, they won’t regain their shape.

Do Not Dry in the Sun

Drying swimwear in the sun will cause the colors to fade, and no one wants their beautiful new richly-colored bikini to become dull and lackluster!

Do Not Tumble Dry

The high heat of a dryer will damage the elasticity of the fabric and the general look and performance of the material so avoid tumble-drying at all costs. Simply air dry your swimwear on a rack or hang it somewhere out of the sun.

Alternate your swimsuits

You should avoid using the same swimsuit more than once in 24 hours. Because Lycra is a memory yarn your swimwear will need 24 hours to dry and go back to its original shape. This will stop your costume from bagging and stretching.

Be Careful Where You Sit

Edges of pools are often rough and abrasive so that you do not slip when walking on them. Although it may not feel rough to you it will to your swimming costume. It can cause your suit to run and pick at the bottom or on the front of it if you are leaning over the edge of the pool. Take extra care and simply lay a towel down to sit on instead and avoid leaning around the edges. Beware at galas of sitting back against the concrete block walls in pools with your expensive race suit on, they are normally highly abrasive and can tear thin race suit material.

Avoid Hot Tubs

They are extremely hard on your swimming costume, the bromine and extreme temperatures will fade and stretch your suit faster than anything else. We would suggest wearing an old costume that you are tired of if you know you are going to be using a hot tub and wash it as explained above for best results. If you want to wear your regular costume then make sure you wash it as soon as possible after getting out of the hot tub.

Avoid Oil Contact

Oil-based products such as sun creams and lotions can cause the elasticity in your swimsuit to break down causing your suit to lose its shape.


Just follow these simple tips and your swimwear will last you plenty of summers!

If you’ve been neglecting your current swimwear then maybe it’s time to refresh your collection? Shop for the latest styles now, just be sure to take good care of them!