Style is important, but there are certain factors you need to consider when it comes to choosing the right swimsuit for your vacation. And since swimsuits can be expensive (considering the amount of fabric used), it’s best to pick on that does it all. Here are some factors to consider:

Quick-Drying Fabrics

You can either choose to bring a suitcase full of bathing suits, or you can opt for a quick-drying one. You want something you can wear throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset. In this case, a swimsuit made from nylon (or micro-nylon) and polyester is your best bet.


This applies to both the men's and women’s swimwear. Since swimsuits tend to stick when wet, it makes it very easy for them to rub and irritate the skin. To avoid that you’ll want a bathing suit that fits well enough without being too tight.  


Pick a bathing suit that does it all. A simple bathing suit will limit the number of awkward tan lines unless you want checkered tan lines on your back. You’ll also want to pick a bathing suit that’s comfortable for various activities. Lying in the sand and relaxing is one thing, but if you plan on being more active you’ll want a little extra coverage. Consider this when you want to go cave diving, or simply sitting at the restaurant with your feet in the pool.


Credit to altitude-blog website.


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