To write about fashionable swimwear 2021 means to be mentally on the beach, to plunge into the warm gentle sea, to build intricate castles from sand, as in childhood, to look at the smooth surface of blue water, and to dream, dream, dream…

The list of the 15 most striking trends in beach fashion 2021 includes:

Tied Swimwear

Tempting models were obtained by those designers who used a lot of ties: on the waist, chest, and hips. It seems to us that such swimsuits are ideal if not for a perfect tan, then at least for an interesting one.

Open and Closed Swimsuits With Floral Print

Flowers, petals, leaves, cucumbers, and beautifully twisted tendrils of plants, all this is still in trend. Swimsuits are bright and cheerful, uplifting, and relaxing. Plus a bonus, the ability to combine a multi-colored swimsuit with a variety of shoes and beach wraps.

Bikini in Black

The exact opposite of the previous trend. Everything is simple here, black top, black bottom. Concise and elegant!

Animal Print

Swimwear with patterns resembling the color of tigers, zebras, leopards, in fashion in the summer of 2021.

Shiny Swimwear

Do you want to be the center of attention? Feel free to choose a swimsuit with a metallic sheen. We already imagine how it sparkles in the sun!

60s Retro Swimwear in Fashion

Such swimwear is still trending. This is already a classic. High-waisted swimming trunks are suitable for girls of different types of figures, where it is necessary to emphasize the advantages, where it is necessary to hide the flaws.

Swimwear for Swimming and Diving

Really amazing trend. Several designers created bathing suits in which a minimum of fabric went to swimming trunks and a maximum to the top. It turned out modestly and at the same time, see photo:

One Shoulder Swimwear

Designers strongly recommend a closer look at such models. Of course, you can forget about a uniform tan, but who said that in such a swimsuit you can’t show up, for example, at a beach party? 

Don't want tan marks on your shoulders? Then you should buy a swimsuit with open shoulders. Designers presented different options, with ruffles and without, sports, with short sleeves-flashlights. Perhaps these are the most romantic models of the upcoming season.


These were models in the style of sport-chic, swimsuits resembling swimsuits of rhythmic gymnasts or integral swimsuits like those in which the beautiful half of humanity is engaged in water sports. The girls in the movie “Rescuers of Malibu” wore something similar.

Swimwear with Ruffles Beach Beach Season

In the struggle for the title of the most romantic model of swimwear, swimwear with ruffles can also compete. There were many such models, they are diverse and each deserves our attention. Several models were completely surprised, because the ruffles on them are very voluminous.

Models with Ties Ahead

Another model from the classics. Well, we could not pass by! Such an element was used not only in separate but also in piece swimsuits.

Bright Orange Swimwear

Orange is still the same new black. Bright and stylish! It seems that and extra the words are superfluous.

Recycled / Environmentally Friendly Swimwear

Needless to say, the fashion industry pays more and more attention to environmental problems. And not only pays attention but also acts. So, designers presented swimwear made from recycled materials or from materials that do not harm the environment. 

By the way, there is such a project Upcycle, which encourages young designers to use materials that do not harm the planet.


Credit to The Sugar styles website.

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