With summer in full swing, there’s plenty of action to be had on the country’s beaches and waterways.

Looking to get off the sand and onto the water?

In the Pacific Northwest and in the northeast, it’s a prime time for whale-watching: Though you can see orcas, gray and humpback whales frolicking in the Puget Sound, off the coast of Seattle, year-round, summer months are a great time to see them in the San Juan Islands. Whale-watching tours cater to both destinations, but you can also look for the marine mammals from Alki Beach in West Seattle, not far from downtown. 

In Maine, the season begins in mid-April and runs through October, with humpbacks, finbacks, pilot and minke whales passing through on a regular basis. Whale-watching cruises are common up and down the state’s coast, and you can spot the massive creatures from the shore as well. Bring binoculars!

For a change of scenery, head to the Midwest for the Iowa State Fair, coming to Des Moines August 11 to 21. Attractions include livestock shows, country music, and a giant cow sculpted in butter, but the eats are possibly the main draw. Try one of the 69 available foods on a stick, from jalapeño corn dogs and popcorn balls to apple pies and funnel cakes.


Credit to Lonely Planet website.

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