Whether you desperately need a tropical vacation or just want to start packing for that beach coming up, the 2020 swimwear trends are here to keep you right on track. Finding the perfect swimsuit is difficult, but knowing the trends can help you to decide what style you might want to try this year.

Long-Sleeved & Lovin’ It

Play with symmetry this spring and summer and try a long-sleeved swimsuit. Whether it’s a bikini or one-piece, you’re sure to look cute.

Fun, Flirty & Floral

What’s more classically spring than florals? Let your swimsuit be the garden of your dreams with floral one-pieces, tankinis, bikinis, you name it.

Itty Bitty Bottoms

If you’re itching for a truly all-over tan, you can’t go wrong with the tiny bikini bottom trend for spring and summer 2020. 

Hello, High-Waisted

This trend lets you achieve major vintage vibes, and is available in so many chic variations. You’ll be wearing these babies all summer long.

Orange You Glad

Like the prettiest sunset, orange hues will rule your spring and summer. 2020 is sure to bring so many gorgeous orange swimsuits in myriad styles, so you can grab whichever ‘suits’ you and go. 

Cut It Out

Bare it all this year, babes. Spring and summer 2020 is bound to be chock-full of cut-out swimsuits. Whether it’s a bikini or one-piece, you’re sure to see a lot of extra skin at the beach.

Let’s Get Wild

Once again, bold animal prints reign. If you’ve got an animal print swimsuit from summer 2019, you can get even more use out of it in 2020. From leopard print to snake print, there are so many adorable ways to wear this trend.

Flossy, Flossy

The floss swimsuit trend allows you to show it all off this summer, baby. Don’t shy away from this trend, though. Every type of body can rock it!

Belt It Out

One of the absolute biggest trends you’ll see this summer is the belted swimsuit. You can match the belt to the swimsuit or be bold and pattern clash.


Credit to Style Caster website.


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