March of course is spring break time (in many places, the peak will be anytime from about March 6 to March 20, 2021), and a zoo in places like Cancun, Mexico and Panama City, so we've chosen some March vacation destinations that offer a quieter and more relaxed getaway. And because it's high season, booking ahead is essential.

3 Warm & Quieter Caribbean Resorts

Don't let the party animals ruin your precious vacation time in March. Here's 3 Caribbean resorts specially chosen for peace, quiet, and romance... 

  • El Dorado Maroma, Playa del Carman - What Other Couples Liked: Quiet and Relaxing Honeymoon Spot...Gorgeous, Intimate, Quiet and Serene...Wonderful Holiday in March.
  • Royal West Indies Resort, Turks & Caicos - What Other Couples Liked: Island Time in Paradise...Boutique Resort, Quiet & Charming...Quiet Pool and Hot Tub.
  • Malliouhana Resort, Anguilla - What Other Couples Liked: Beautiful, Fun and Romantic...Relaxation at it's Finest...Totally Laid-Back and Peaceful.

3 Warm & Less-Crowded U.S. Destination

  • Jupiter, FL - Average highs of 79F, walk on the beach, or explore a lighthouse.
  • Tybee Island, GA - Daily highs of 71F, head to North Beach here for a relaxing getaway.
  • Palm Springs, CA - Expect highs of 80F, dependable sunshine & warm temps - head to the pool!


Barbados All-Inclusive Resorts - Looking for a warm March vacation in the tropics?  The Caribbean is great most of the year, but March is a very nice time to be in Barbados. Perfect weather, relaxing sea breezes and some of the nicest beaches in the Caribbean make it a March destination of choice. Since March is still high season in the Caribbean, booking in advance is essential if you hope to get a deal.

Embassy Suites Tucson Paloma Village - With a beautiful pool and hot tub, free hot made-to-order breakfast, as well as perhaps the best complimentary beer, wine & snacks evening we have seen at any hotel, you're going to almost feel like you're in an all-inclusive resort! 



  • London UK - Expect some showers and clouds, a high temp of about 50F (10C).
  • Las Vegas - March is when it gets warmer in the desert, and you can expect highs of 68F (20C).
  • Hawaii - One of the "cooler" months in the islands, but you'll still enjoy the sun and an average 79F (27C) daytime high.
  • Italy - Moderately dry, with cooler temps up north in the Alps (57F or 15C), and highs in the mid 60's (18C) in Rome, Naples and Sicily.
  • Paris - Still a bit cool ( 51F, 11C) but some sunny days and the blossoms of spring starting to appear.
  • New York City - Some very early signs of Spring, daytime highs of 48F. Pack an umbrella though...
  • Bermuda - 69F is the average daytime high, humidity is at it's lowest, and most rainfall is likely to be in the evening hours.
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico - March is Puerto Rico's driest month, and expect high temps around 85F.
  • San Francisco - expect a high of about 62F during the day, warming up a bit more as the end of the month approaches.
  • Miami Florida - With an average daytime high temp of 80F.


  • San Diego, CA - Where the daytime high is a comfortable 66F.
  • Destin, FL - With an average daytime high temp of 70F.


Credit to Excellent Romantic Vacations website.

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