If you live in Florida, or another southern state with warm weather, you can spend the holidays in your pool or on your patio. While you may not be in a Winter Wonderland, there are plenty of ways to dress up your backyard to get it in the Christmas Spirit. Looking for some outdoor Christmas decoration ideas?

Decorative Lights

Christmas and lights have always gone together. Add a unique holiday flair to your backyard with some decorative lighting. You can add lights to enclosures, light fixtures or plants to create unique looks. Your pools LED lights can also be used to display holiday colors.

Holiday Pool Floats

These awesome Christmas decorations will entertain your friends and family!

Noodle Crafts

Noodles are a staple of pool fun, and odds are you have a few lying around. If not, you can get some for relatively cheap price. There are many crafts that you can create from pool noodles, from a Christmas wreath to decorative candy canes. Let your imagination run wild!

Decorative Plants

A great way to update your look is to add some festive plants. Whether in pots, on tables or around lighting fixtures, seasonal plants like poinsettia, pine and holly add a festive look to your outside space.

Paper Snowflakes  

A winter wonderland without all the shoveling. Cut some snowflakes out of foam or use paper and laminate to protect the flakes.


Credit to Pinch a Penny website.

Image credit to istockphoto.com.

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