Have you noticed a massive comeback to the 80s high thong, and the tiny Brazilian string bikini style? Triangle tops, and bottoms with tiny straps you can adjust. Mix and match them and for extra long legs pull the bottom bikini stings high on the hips.


Which are the best bikinis for tanning?

String Bikinis

Adjustable bikini bottoms with tiny strings you can pull up your hip for that extra oomph a la the 80s. Tiny triangle bikini tops with the same adjustable super thin strings. Basically they’re the staple swimsuit of all times.
Color-wise, one color is more fashionable they say then prints, but whatever pops that tan and that preference is great.

How to wear the best bikinis for tanning?

Play with the strings up, and down, and again, up, and down for boredom sake you know. And also cause of thin tan lines.
Mix and match your bottoms with your bras, have fun with tying the strings in X for example. Black, white, yellow, blue... They’re so easy to mix and match. It’ll feel like you have millions of styles.


Credit to the fashion tag website.

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