Your decoration will be the key. Often, spookier is better. You can easily create the perfect party with these easy-to-do and low cost ideas.

#1: Glowing Pumpkin Buckets

We love this idea because pumpkin buckets are easy to find. You know the ones we’re talking about – they’re orange with black handles, and a jack ‘o lantern face.

Not only is this a cheap decoration, it’s super easy, and your kids can help set them up.

So, gather your buckets. Then, head to the dollar store to buy some glowsticks. Wait until dark, right before your party. Then, crack the glowsticks and drop them in the pumpkin bucket.

The final step is to drop them in your swimming pool for a beautiful glow.

#2: Red in the Pool

This is a fun idea, especially if creepy is your thing.

You’re going to create a blood red swimming pool. It’s sure to be something your guests talk about for days to come. Once you’ve died the water, you can throw in your pumpkins and some glow in the dark, plastic skeletons.

Go one step further and put some dry ice around the pool. Now, you have a truly spooky spectacle.

#3: Colored LEDS

Don’t want to dye your pool?

You can also achieve a similar effect by changing your pool lights to red. Or, you can use purple, green, or orange. If you have young kids, go the more colorful route so you don’t scare them with a “bloody” pool.

#4: The Fog Machine

Create a swampy effect in your pool by renting a fog machine. You can create a super creepy, misty lagoon in your pool.

Be sure and hide the fog machine to increase the mystery.

Again, your alternative would be dry ice. We caution you to use this only if you are having an adult party. And do be careful and wear gloves if you use dry ice. Remember, you don’t want to touch it.

The fog machine is the easier solution to a foggy atmosphere for your pool party.

#5: Floating Hands in the Pool

Grab some glowsticks and rubber gloves at the dollar store. Make sure you can see through the gloves for this easy craft project.

All you need to do is stick a glowstick in the rubber glove and the blow up the glove. Tie it off and throw it in the pool for a bunch of floating hands.

This trick is especially eerie if you have the right lighting in your pool.

Final Thoughts on Halloween Pool Party Ideas

There you have it – our five inexpensive Halloween pool party ideas.

As a bonus, we’ll leave you with one more idea for your backyard. You’ve decorated the pool, but don’t forget to decorate your patio and yard as well.

Get creative. Buy some candles and light them around the yard. These can be real candles or the LED kind.

Either buy some decorations at the store or look on Pinterest for some ideas. The goal here is to make your backyard look like a graveyard complete with headstones, cobwebs, and skeletons.

Have a fun, safe, and happy Halloween!


Credit to Ultra Modern website.

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