Summer begins in June and it’s no exaggeration to say we are way past excited! We can’t wait to take advantage of all the activities that are available to do during this season.

Looking for things to do in June? Below are 30 activities to help inspire you to jump into summer!


  • Visit a pool – Spending time at the outdoor pool is the best way to recover from a long winter, don’t forget the sunscreen!  
  • Take a trip to an ice cream parlor – Is there anything better than a cool treat on a hot day? 
  • Enjoy cold brew tea – It is easy to make and the perfect drink for a summer evening. Take a container (a glass mason jar with a lid works great) and add either a few spoons of loose leaf tea or five teabags of your favorite tea. Fill the container with water, put on a lid and leave it overnight or somewhere around eight to twelve hours. When it’s done all you have to do is remove the tea bags or strain the tea leaves to enjoy a tasty refreshing beverage. Adjust the amount of tea you add to suit your taste and feel free to jazz it up with your favorite simple sugar or some lemon juice!
  • Bust out your flip-flops – Summer is no time to be stuck in sneakers, pull out your favorite flip-flops or sandals and rock them! 
  • Go strawberry picking – Later this month and into the next are the best times to go get a basket of this amazing fruit. Not only is this a fun activity but strawberries are good for you, there are many purported benefits of eating strawberries from improving your immune system to lowering your blood pressure. Packed with so many good things for your body, strawberries are also a contender for the tastiest summer fruit!
  • Make a Father’s Day craft – With Father’s Day later this month a sweet and fun activity you (and your kids) can do is make a present. It is a personal way to show affection and gives you the perfect excuse to be crafty.
  • Go outside and jump rope – If you want to get in a good workout and feel like a kid again, head outside and jump rope. Jump-roping is easy on your wallet and improves your coordination while getting in your cardio.
  • Paint with watercolors – Painting is such a fun way to explore your creativity and choosing watercolors is a great way to do that, especially, if it is a family activity. They’re also convenient to take with you to the lakeside or a park to be surrounded by beautiful inspiration.
  • Do some gardening – Besides the awesome reward of growing fruits, vegetables, and beautiful flowers; benefits may include reducing stress, better sleep, and a good workout!
  • Eat cucumbers – This tasty vegetable is in season, paired with your favorite dip or added to a sandwich or salad. This vegetable is high in nutrients, has a crisp taste and is a wonderful addition to a summer menu.
  • Go play miniature golf – Not only is this a fun family activity, mini-golf helps teach you coordination, gets you outside and can be an easy cardio workout.  
  • Listen to jazz music – It’s so compatible to a summer evening. Go ahead and pour a glass of wine, open the windows, put on some jazz and slow down.  
  • Paint a room – A good coat of paint can change your perspective, a perfect way to spruce up a room is to take a day and paint it another color or a fresh white.
  • Make your own frozen fruit ice pops – There are so many different ways to make this tasty treat  and it’s sure to be a hit on a hot day!
  • Barbecue – This is one of our favorite things about summer. So many vegetables taste amazing cooked on a barbecue.
  • Try lawn bowling – This is a fun activity you can do with your family or group of friends in your backyard or local park!
  • Celebrate Father’s Day – June 20th is Father’s Day and I hope you’re able to celebrate it with your loved ones!
  • Play tennis – If you like cute outfits, being outside, and playing a sport that doubles as a good workout than tennis is for you! So many clubs and local parks have tennis courts and it’s a great way to get outside and have fun.
  • Throw an indoor dance party – This one a great activity with kids. With a great playlist playing fun music, some snacks, and a teddy bear DJ you can throw an awesome dance party.
  • Make a bird feeder – This is a wonderful and simple craft that’s great for attracting a variety of beautiful birds to your neighborhood.
  • Take a road trip –  Road trips are all about the drive and it is a great way to explore a larger area and discover new food, attractions, and unique locations. Finding a scenic route will be all the more rewarding!
  • Visit a classic arcade – Air hockey, pinball and so much more, we love the nostalgia and fun social energy of classic arcades. A wonderful idea of an afternoon adventure.  
  • Go see a drive-in movie – A wonderful throwback activity that is awesome during the summer! If you still have a drive-in theater near you, check it out.
  • Sunbathe – Sunshine seems to be what everybody needs! Make sure you have your sunscreen!
  • Go for a picnic – A basket and some snacks, sodas, and sandwiches are all it takes, you can elaborate it with a charcuterie or keep it lowkey, the fun part is eating outside.
  • Find a swing – This standard structure at parks all over the world is such an accessible summer joy and enjoyable no matter how old you are!  
  • Create amazing chalk art – This activity is great for kids of all ages and adults too. Drawing with chalk is terrific for outdoor play and a perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild.
  • Have a water gun fight – Perhaps the greatest of all summer activities, it is ridiculously carefree and thrilling to gather your family or friends together and shoot them with water!   
  • Make your own cucumber water – Is there anything better than an ice cold glass of water on a hot day? Yes, there is, water with cucumbers in it! You might also enjoy mint and strawberry infused water.
  • Go to a baseball game – This iconic sport is a perfect summer activity, don’t forget to get a hotdog and try to catch a pop fly!

    Credit to Best Of This Life website.


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