If you're looking for some new Easter traditions to try with your family, or discover ones that you've never thought of before, then these ideas are just for you. The day consists of opening Easter baskets, going to church, and having a huge Easter egg hunt. Finally, they enjoy a big Easter brunch feast, featuring a delicious glazed ham, with plenty of Easter sides.

If you have little ones in the house, you might want to read them an Easter story or passage from a children's Bible to share the meaning of the day with them. There are plenty of ideas that make the most of the spring weather, including planting flowers, playing sports, and having a picnic. Finally, unwind later on by munching on bunny-shaped sweets and relaxing with some family-friendly Easter movies. No matter how you plan on spending the day, these best Easter activities are perfect for any type of celebration.

Have an Easter Egg Hunt

At the top of anyone's list of Easter activities has to be a classic Easter egg hunt. Think big when it comes to prizes so everybody can participate, even the adults.

Dye Easter Eggs

All those colorful eggs are a must come Easter Sunday. Try coloring them naturally if you'd rather skip the store-bought dye this year.

Enjoy an Easter Brunch

A spring-inspired brunch is a fantastic way to celebrate.

Visit the Easter Bunny

Another typical Easter tradition is paying a visit to the Easter Bunny. Even if you can't do your usual mall trip this year, come up with some fun alternatives. Whether it's buying a costume or just putting on a pair of bunny ears, your kids will still be excited!

Make Easter Baskets

Easter baskets are always so much fun to open. One way to add extra fun to yours is to hide them somewhere in the house for your kids to find when they wake up!

Make Hot Cross Buns

If you don't already partake in this English Easter tradition, give it a try this year! Hot Cross Buns are sticky and sweet and the perfect bite to have on Easter morning.

Decorate With Easter Lilies

These gorgeous white lilies are symbolic of innocence and purity and often gifted during Easter. Send a friend or loved one a bouquet this Easter to let them know you're thinking about them.

Plant Flowers

Easter is a great time to get your yard ready for the warm weather ahead! Pick up some bulbs and gather the family for a day of planting and getting your hands dirty.

Go to Church

Then spend the rest of the day with family. Even if you can't physically go to church this year, you can attend a service virtually at home.

Bake a Gorgeous Glazed Ham
You know it will please your Easter crew!
Play Games Outside

In addition to your Easter egg hunt, organize a handful of other games to play outdoors. For instance, turn a classic potato sack race into one that's perfect for the occasion by hot gluing a little cotton ball on the back. It'll look just like a bunny's tail!

Make Easter Crafts Together

Put together some cute arts and crafts with your kids this Easter, in addition to dyeing eggs. You could even make fun toppers for your desserts like chicks and bunnies!

Read Them a Story

Set aside some time this Easter to read with your kids. You can choose from a book about Easter or springtime or the Easter story from the Bible.

Make Bunny-Shaped Treats

You'll want to wish everyone a "Hoppy" Easter by making a variety of cute bunny-shaped sweets.

Have a Movie Marathon

Looking for something low-key to do at the end of the day? Put on a few Easter movies and hang out on the couch to unwind.

Volunteer Your Time

Give back this Easter Sunday by gifting your time. You can volunteer at a food pantry or participate in local efforts to plant trees and flowers.

Send Easter Cards

Celebrate with friends and family near and far by sending out a batch of Easter cards filled with sweet messages. You can make your own to add a personal touch.

Decorate Outside Too!

While you probably filled your house with cute decorations, you should spread the love outdoors too! Try making an Easter egg tree if you have a small tree in your front yard.

Make Birdhouses

Feeling extra crafty this Easter? Make pretty birdhouses to decorate your yard. It's perfect for Easter to celebrate the arrival of spring!

Get Active

Waiting for the ham to come out of the oven? Grab a soccer ball, jump rope, or Wiffle ball and bat and head outside to enjoy the fresh air!

Have a Picnic

Speaking of getting some fresh air, why not enjoy your Easter meal outdoors too? After being cooped up all winter, an al fresco Easter brunch sounds like a real treat.

Munch on Chocolate Bunnies

Yes, there are so many chocolate delights to choose from on Easter. But the one that reigns supreme is the chocolate bunny. You have to have at least one on Easter Sunday.

Make Special Easter Drinks

Whether it's mimosas for the adults or a fruity punch for the kids, a tasty specialty drink will liven up any Easter celebration.

Dress Up Your Pet

Get your furry friends in on the Easter fun too! Take funny family photos with everyone in bunny ears.


Credit to The Pioneer Woman website.

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