We love that summertime means a not-so-strict-bedtime schedule so we can get out and enjoy those long summer evenings!  Some of our favorite (and free!) summer activities for kids and families are those done at night!

We head out after dinner for a walk to the park or spend the night doing something special - it always creates some great memories. With the longer days and cooler evenings, summer is the perfect time to find some family events or activities that you can enjoy together after dark.

1. Visit a Pond or Lake in the Evening

The animals and fish are more active at night so bring a slice of bread to feed them. You're also more likely to see ducks, snakes and turtles - not to mention a beautiful sunset reflected on the water so don't forget to grab your camera before you head out! Take along a flashlight and you can also enjoy a great book about the pond on your visit!

2.  Play Glow-in-the-Dark something

Kids and teens love these glow-in-the-dark games - heck! Even adults enjoy them!). You can easily create your own with a set of glowsticks, just add to balloons or water bottles and hide them for a quick scavenger hunt.

3.  Catch Fireflies on those warm Summer nights

Some call them fireflies, others refer to them as lightning bugs, either way, hunting for fireflies is a childhood experience that every kid should try once! Grab a clear jar and sit outside on a warm evening. I'll bet you'll start to see the lights before you know it, but can the kids catch them before they dim? 

4. Enjoy an Evening at the Park

It's a whole new experience to visit a park at night or walk the trails. Maybe have a nighttime picnic under the stars or do some wildlife watching to see what animals are nocturnal (we always see bats flying around at dusk). And a big bonus: it's usually less crowded too!

5.  Host a Flashlight Storytime

Why read in bed when you can read outside on a blanket. Such a fun way to end the day!

6.  Sit Around a Campfire on Summer Evenings

A family favorite for any summer night! Great smells, s'mores and what kid doesn't love to throw in a few pinecones in and listen to them sizzle.

7.  Go on a Summer Night Hike

Everything looks different at night and your kids will love to bring along flashlights to scout out what's hiding in the shadows.

8.  Have a Summer Night Camp-out

Whether it's in your own backyard or at a local campsite, it's always fun to sleep outdoors on a summer night.

9.  See an Outdoor Play or Concert

Outdoor theater is huge in the summer months! Check with your local community theater to see if they offer any outdoor shows.  And many of the Shakespeare Festivals are held outdoors in the summer months (fun for teens who may have required reading). Outdoor summer concerts can be found to local parks, museums and shopping areas. Grab some outdoor chairs, a few snacks and head out to enjoy the music.

10.  Go Retro & Visit a Drive-In

I know they are few and far between, but Drive-in theaters do still exist! And it's an awesome experience for families to do together. Bring your favorite snacks, maybe lawn chairs if the location allows you to sit outside of the car and a blanket or two. You won't be worried that the kids will be too loud or get out of their seats, you can bring all the fun treats you like and talk about making memories!

11.  Go out for Ice Cream (in your pj's)

Ok, it doesn't have to be in your pj's but when you're younger than 8, taking a drive in your pajamas is totally cool!

12.  Summer Nights with Fireworks

I'm sure your kids live for the firework shows every summer!

13.  Dive in for a Swim

Most neighborhood and city pools are open past dusk with the lights on and some even offer summer swim-in movie nights so grab your suits after dinner and dive in for some cool fun.

14.  Enjoy Evening at a Local Attraction

Lots of attractions extend their hours during summertime! We love going to the zoo or some of our local historic sites when they offer evening programs. The animals are more active in the evening and everyone's a little cooler.

15.  View the Stars on a Summer Evening

Grab a blanket and lie down outside to see what constellations you can find! If you have a telescope, pull it out!  If your backyard is too light, head to a local park that's away from the city lights.  Or get away from the lights and see one of the summer meteor showers near you. Your kids will also enjoy building their own marshmallow constellations after spotting some of their favorites in the night sky.

16.  Visit a Planetarium

Spend the evening looking up at the stars, planets and all the amazing things in space through some huge telescopes. Many planetariums have open viewing sessions during the summer months.

17.  Play some Backyard Games

Badminton, Bocce, frisbee and Lawn Darts take on a whole new meaning in the dark.

18.  Take a Summer Night Bike Ride

I'd much rather enjoy an evening ride in the cooler weather than during the heat of the day. Just be sure to have reflectors on your bike and stay on the trails in your area.

19. Go on an Animal Hunt

All those nocturnal animals begin to come out at dusk so it's usually easy to spot a few furry neighbors. We've seen fox, deer, bunnies, bears, a wolf and have even heard the owls in our neighborhood after dusk. Great nature fun for the kids!

20.  Play Flashlight Tag

Fun for kids (and parents) of all ages plus some great exercise before bedtime too. All you need is a flashlight, a large dark area and off you go!


Credit to kcedventures.com website.



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